Descriptor English: Rainforest
Descriptor Spanish: Bosque Lluvioso
Descriptor lluvia forestal
Scope note: Bosques con una lluvia anual media elevada.
Descriptor Portuguese: Floresta Úmida
Descriptor French: Forêt pluviale
Entry term(s): Forest, Rain
Forests, Rain
Rain Forest
Rain Forests
Rainforest, Temperate
Rainforest, Tropical
Rainforests, Temperate
Rainforests, Tropical
Temperate Rainforest
Temperate Rainforests
Tropical Rainforest
Tropical Rainforests
Tree number(s): G16.500.275.157.437.500
RDF Unique Identifier:
Scope note: Forests with high average annual rainfall.
Previous Indexing: Trees (1992-2014)
Tropical Climate (1987-2014)
Public MeSH Note: 2015
History Note: 2015
DeCS ID: 55753
Unique ID: D065947
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Date Established: 2015/01/01
Date of Entry: 2014/06/26
Revision Date: 2014/06/13
Rainforest - Preferred
Concept UI M0591801
Scope note Forests with high average annual rainfall.
Preferred term Rainforest
Entry term(s) Forest, Rain
Forests, Rain
Rain Forest
Rain Forests
Temperate Rainforest - Narrower
Concept UI M0591880
Preferred term Temperate Rainforest
Entry term(s) Rainforest, Temperate
Rainforests, Temperate
Temperate Rainforests
Tropical Rainforest - Narrower
Concept UI M0591879
Preferred term Tropical Rainforest
Entry term(s) Rainforest, Tropical
Rainforests, Tropical
Tropical Rainforests

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