Descriptor English: History of Dentistry
Descriptor Spanish: Historia de la Odontología
Descriptor historia de la odontología
Scope note: Estudio de los acontecimientos pasados y del desarrollo del campo de la ODONTOLOGÍA.
Descriptor Portuguese: História da Odontologia
Descriptor French: Histoire de l'art dentaire
Entry term(s): Dentistry Histories
Dentistry, History
Tree number(s): K01.400.450
RDF Unique Identifier:
Scope note: Study of past events and development in the field of DENTISTRY.
Annotation: general; prefer /hist with specific dentistry term & do not coordinate here or with DENTISTRY
Allowable Qualifiers: No qualifiers
Public MeSH Note: 65
History Note: 65
Entry Version: HIST DENT
DeCS ID: 6824
Unique ID: D006665
NLM Classification: WU 11
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Date Established: 1965/01/01
Date of Entry: 1999/01/01
Revision Date: 2018/06/20
History of Dentistry - Preferred
Concept UI M0010438
Scope note Study of past events and development in the field of DENTISTRY.
Preferred term History of Dentistry
Entry term(s) Dentistry Histories
Dentistry, History

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