Descriptor in English: Hypercalcemia
Descriptor in Spanish: Hipercalcemia
Descriptor in Portuguese: Hipercalcemia
Descriptor in French: Hypercalcémie
Entry term(s): Hypercalcemias
Milk Alkali Syndrome
Milk-Alkali Syndrome
Syndrome, Milk-Alkali
Tree number(s): C18.452.174.451
Scope note: Abnormally high level of calcium in the blood.
Annotation: high blood calcium levels; do not confuse with HYPOCALCEMIA; X ref is also called Burnett's syndrome or milk-drinker's syndrome
Allowable Qualifiers: BL blood
CF cerebrospinal fluid
CI chemically induced
CL classification
CN congenital
CO complications
DG diagnostic imaging
DH diet therapy
DI diagnosis
DT drug therapy
EC economics
EH ethnology
EM embryology
EN enzymology
EP epidemiology
ET etiology
GE genetics
HI history
IM immunology
ME metabolism
MI microbiology
MO mortality
NU nursing
PA pathology
PC prevention & control
PP physiopathology
PS parasitology
PX psychology
RH rehabilitation
RT radiotherapy
SU surgery
TH therapy
UR urine
VE veterinary
VI virology
Online Note: use HYPERCALCEMIA to search MILK-ALKALI SYNDROME 1966-77
History Note: MILK-ALKALI SYNDROME was see under HYPERCALCEMIA 1978-83, was see under CALCINOSIS 1975-77
DeCS UI: 7114
Descriptor UI: D006934
Date Established: 1963/01/01
Date of Entry: 1999/01/01
Revision Date: 1994/09/23
Hypercalcemia - Preferred
Concept UI M0010814
Scope note Abnormally high level of calcium in the blood.
Preferred term Hypercalcemia
Entry term(s) Hypercalcemias
Milk-Alkali Syndrome - Related but not broader or narrower
Concept UI M0010815
Preferred term Milk-Alkali Syndrome
Entry term(s) Milk Alkali Syndrome
Syndrome, Milk-Alkali

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