Descriptor English: Modalities, Symptomatic
Descriptor Spanish: Modalidades Sintomáticas
Descriptor modalidades sintomáticas
Scope note: Hace referencia a las diferentes variaciones verificadas en los patrones de los síntomas.
Descriptor Portuguese: Modalidades Sintomáticas
Descriptor French: Modalités Symptomatiques
Entry term(s): Modalization
Modalized Symptoms
Tree number(s): HP6.051.376
Scope note: It refers to the different variations verified in symptom patterns.
Annotation: no qualif
Allowable Qualifiers: No qualifiers
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DeCS ID: 26977
Unique ID: DDCS026977
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Modalities, Symptomatic - Preferred
Concept UI FD00059566
Scope note It refers to the different variations verified in symptom patterns.
Preferred term Modalities, Symptomatic
Entry term(s) Modalization
Modalized Symptoms

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