Descriptor English: Abdominal Muscles
Descriptor Spanish: Músculos Abdominales
Descriptor músculos abdominales
Entry term(s) músculo cremáster
músculo cuadrado lumbar
músculo piramidal
músculo transverso abdominal
músculo transverso del abdomen
Scope note: Músculos que forman la PARED ABDOMINAL, que incluyen el músculo RECTO DEL ABDOMEN y los MÚSCULOS OBLICUOS DEL ABDOMEN, los músculos transversos del abdomen, los músculos piramidales y los músculos cuadrados lumbares.
Descriptor Portuguese: Músculos Abdominais
Descriptor French: Muscles abdominaux
Entry term(s): Abdominal Muscle
Abdominal, Transverse
Abdominals, Transverse
Abdomini, Quadratus
Abdominis, Quadratus
Cremaster Muscle
Cremaster Muscles
Muscle, Abdominal
Muscle, Cremaster
Muscle, Pyramidalis
Muscles, Abdominal
Muscles, Cremaster
Muscles, Pyramidalis
Pyramidalis Muscle
Pyramidalis Muscles
Quadratus Abdomini
Quadratus Abdominis
Transverse Abdominal
Transverse Abdominals
Transversus Abdominis
Tree number(s): A02.633.567.050
RDF Unique Identifier:
Scope note: Muscles forming the ABDOMINAL WALL including RECTUS ABDOMINIS; ABDOMINAL OBLIQUE MUSCLES, transversus abdominis, pyramidalis muscles and quadratus abdominis.
Annotation: /growth: coordinate with MUSCLE DEVELOPMENT; /embryol: coordinate with MUSCLE DEVELOPMENT if pertinent
Allowable Qualifiers: AB abnormalities
AH anatomy & histology
BS blood supply
CH chemistry
CY cytology
DE drug effects
DG diagnostic imaging
EM embryology
EN enzymology
GD growth & development
IM immunology
IN injuries
IR innervation
ME metabolism
MI microbiology
PA pathology
PH physiology
PP physiopathology
PS parasitology
RE radiation effects
SU surgery
TR transplantation
UL ultrastructure
VI virology
Public MeSH Note: 93; was ABDOMINAL WALL 1963-92
Online Note: use ABDOMINAL MUSCLES to search ABDOMINAL WALL 1966-92
History Note: 93; was ABDOMINAL WALL 1966-92
Related: Abdominal Wall MeSH
DeCS ID: 30961
Unique ID: D000009
NLM Classification: WE 757
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Date Established: 1993/01/01
Date of Entry: 1999/01/01
Revision Date: 2016/05/31
Abdominal Muscles - Preferred
Concept UI M0000009
Scope note Muscles forming the ABDOMINAL WALL including RECTUS ABDOMINIS; ABDOMINAL OBLIQUE MUSCLES, transversus abdominis, pyramidalis muscles and quadratus abdominis.
Preferred term Abdominal Muscles
Entry term(s) Abdominal Muscle
Muscle, Abdominal
Muscles, Abdominal
Cremaster Muscle - Narrower
Concept UI M000615276
Preferred term Cremaster Muscle
Entry term(s) Cremaster Muscles
Muscle, Cremaster
Muscles, Cremaster
Pyramidalis Muscle - Narrower
Concept UI M000615216
Preferred term Pyramidalis Muscle
Entry term(s) Muscle, Pyramidalis
Muscles, Pyramidalis
Pyramidalis Muscles
Quadratus Abdominis - Narrower
Concept UI M000616776
Preferred term Quadratus Abdominis
Entry term(s) Abdomini, Quadratus
Abdominis, Quadratus
Quadratus Abdomini
Transversus Abdominis - Narrower
Concept UI M000615203
Preferred term Transversus Abdominis
Entry term(s) Abdominal, Transverse
Abdominals, Transverse
Transverse Abdominal
Transverse Abdominals

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