Descriptor English: Laryngeal Muscles
Descriptor Spanish: Músculos Laríngeos
Descriptor músculos laríngeos
Entry term(s) músculos cricotiroideos
Scope note: Grupos de músculos estriados que mueven la LARINGE en su conjunto o sus partes, como es modificar la tensión de las CUERDAS VOCALES o el tamaño de la abertura de la GLOTIS.
Descriptor Portuguese: Músculos Laríngeos
Descriptor French: Muscles du larynx
Entry term(s): Aryepiglottic Muscle
Aryepiglottic Muscles
Arytenoid Muscle
Arytenoid Muscles
Cricoarytenoid Muscle
Cricoarytenoid Muscles
Cricothyroid Muscle
Cricothyroid Muscles
Laryngeal Muscle
Muscle, Aryepiglottic
Muscle, Arytenoid
Muscle, Cricoarytenoid
Muscle, Cricothyroid
Muscle, Laryngeal
Muscle, Thyroarytenoid
Muscle, Thyroepiglottic
Muscle, Vocal
Muscle, Vocalis
Muscles, Aryepiglottic
Muscles, Arytenoid
Muscles, Cricoarytenoid
Muscles, Cricothyroid
Muscles, Laryngeal
Muscles, Thyroarytenoid
Muscles, Thyroepiglottic
Muscles, Vocal
Muscles, Vocalis
Thyroarytenoid Muscle
Thyroarytenoid Muscles
Thyroepiglottic Muscle
Thyroepiglottic Muscles
Vocal Muscle
Vocal Muscles
Vocalis Muscle
Vocalis Muscles
Tree number(s): A02.633.567.500
RDF Unique Identifier:
Scope note: The striated muscle groups which move the LARYNX as a whole or its parts, such as altering tension of the VOCAL CORDS, or size of the slit (RIMA GLOTTIDIS).
Annotation: /growth: coordinate with MUSCLE DEVELOPMENT; /embryol: coordinate with MUSCLE DEVELOPMENT if pertinent
Allowable Qualifiers: AB abnormalities
AH anatomy & histology
BS blood supply
CH chemistry
CY cytology
DE drug effects
DG diagnostic imaging
EM embryology
EN enzymology
GD growth & development
IM immunology
IN injuries
IR innervation
ME metabolism
MI microbiology
PA pathology
PH physiology
PP physiopathology
PS parasitology
RE radiation effects
SU surgery
TR transplantation
UL ultrastructure
VI virology
Previous Indexing: Larynx (1966-1978)
Muscles (1966-1978)
Public MeSH Note: 91; was see under MUSCLES 1979-90
History Note: 91(79); was see under MUSCLES 1979-90
DeCS ID: 7999
Unique ID: D007821
NLM Classification: WV 500
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Date Established: 1991/01/01
Date of Entry: 1978/05/19
Revision Date: 2008/07/08
Laryngeal Muscles - Preferred
Concept UI M0012230
Scope note The striated muscle groups which move the LARYNX as a whole or its parts, such as altering tension of the VOCAL CORDS, or size of the slit (RIMA GLOTTIDIS).
Preferred term Laryngeal Muscles
Entry term(s) Laryngeal Muscle
Muscle, Laryngeal
Muscles, Laryngeal
Vocal Muscle - Narrower
Concept UI M0514458
Preferred term Vocal Muscle
Entry term(s) Muscle, Vocal
Muscle, Vocalis
Muscles, Vocal
Muscles, Vocalis
Vocal Muscles
Vocalis Muscle
Vocalis Muscles
Thyroepiglottic Muscle - Narrower
Concept UI M0516487
Preferred term Thyroepiglottic Muscle
Entry term(s) Muscle, Thyroepiglottic
Muscles, Thyroepiglottic
Thyroepiglottic Muscles
Cricoarytenoid Muscles - Narrower
Concept UI M0514522
Preferred term Cricoarytenoid Muscles
Entry term(s) Cricoarytenoid Muscle
Muscle, Cricoarytenoid
Muscles, Cricoarytenoid
Cricothyroid Muscles - Narrower
Concept UI M0514521
Preferred term Cricothyroid Muscles
Entry term(s) Cricothyroid Muscle
Muscle, Cricothyroid
Muscles, Cricothyroid
Thyroarytenoid Muscles - Narrower
Concept UI M0514523
Preferred term Thyroarytenoid Muscles
Entry term(s) Muscle, Thyroarytenoid
Muscles, Thyroarytenoid
Thyroarytenoid Muscle
Aryepiglottic Muscle - Narrower
Concept UI M0516485
Preferred term Aryepiglottic Muscle
Entry term(s) Aryepiglottic Muscles
Muscle, Aryepiglottic
Muscles, Aryepiglottic
Arytenoid Muscle - Narrower
Concept UI M0516486
Preferred term Arytenoid Muscle
Entry term(s) Arytenoid Muscles
Muscle, Arytenoid
Muscles, Arytenoid

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