Descriptor English: Lenses, Intraocular
Descriptor Spanish: Lentes Intraoculares
Descriptor lentes intraoculares
Scope note: Lentes artificiales implantadas.
Descriptor Portuguese: Lentes Intraoculares
Descriptor French: Lentilles intraoculaires
Entry term(s): Contact Lens, Implantable
Implantable Contact Lens
Intraocular Lens
Intraocular Lenses
Lens, Implantable Contact
Lens, Intraocular
Tree number(s): E07.632.500.460
RDF Unique Identifier:
Scope note: Artificial implanted lenses.
Annotation: artificial lens: do not confuse with LENS, CRYSTALLINE (Category A); commonly used after cataract extraction but do not coordinate with CATARACT EXTRACTION unless particularly discussed; PSEUDOPHAKIA is available for the state of the eye in the presence of an intraocular lens after cataract extraction
Allowable Qualifiers: AE adverse effects
CL classification
EC economics
ES ethics
HI history
MI microbiology
PS parasitology
PX psychology
SD supply & distribution
SN statistics & numerical data
ST standards
TD trends
VE veterinary
VI virology
Previous Indexing: Cataract Extraction (1966-1978)
Lenses (1966-1978)
Prosthesis (1966-1978)
Public MeSH Note: 79
History Note: 79
Related: Lens Implantation, Intraocular MeSH
DeCS ID: 8088
Unique ID: D007910
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Date Established: 1979/01/01
Date of Entry: 1978/01/26
Revision Date: 2017/07/07
Lenses, Intraocular - Preferred
Concept UI M0012353
Scope note Artificial implanted lenses.
Preferred term Lenses, Intraocular
Entry term(s) Intraocular Lens
Intraocular Lenses
Lens, Intraocular
Implantable Contact Lens - Narrower
Concept UI M0477909
Scope note An intraocular lens permanently implanted behind the IRIS and in front of the natural EYE LENS.
Preferred term Implantable Contact Lens
Entry term(s) Contact Lens, Implantable
Lens, Implantable Contact

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