Descriptor English: Cell Shape
Descriptor Spanish: Forma de la Célula
Descriptor forma celular
Scope note: Cualidad de la forma de la superficie o contorno de las CÉLULAS.
Descriptor Portuguese: Forma Celular
Descriptor French: Forme de la cellule
Entry term(s): Cell Shapes
Shape, Cell
Shapes, Cell
Tree number(s): G04.320
RDF Unique Identifier:
Scope note: The quality of surface form or outline of CELLS.
Annotation: not for microorganisms; coordinate with organ /cytol or /pathol or specific cell /cytol or /pathol
Allowable Qualifiers: DE drug effects
ES ethics
GE genetics
IM immunology
PH physiology
RE radiation effects
Previous Indexing: Cell Size (1992-2004)
Public MeSH Note: 2005; see CELL SIZE 1993-2004
History Note: 2005; use CELL SIZE 1993-2004
DeCS ID: 38847
Unique ID: D048430
NLM Classification: QU 375
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Date Established: 2005/01/01
Date of Entry: 2004/07/07
Revision Date: 2012/07/03
Cell Shape - Preferred
Concept UI M0026137
Scope note The quality of surface form or outline of CELLS.
Preferred term Cell Shape
Entry term(s) Cell Shapes
Shape, Cell
Shapes, Cell

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