Descriptor English: Desiccation
Descriptor Spanish: Desecación
Descriptor desecación
Scope note: Eliminación de la humedad de una sustancia (producto químico, alimento, tejido, etc.).
Descriptor Portuguese: Dessecação
Descriptor French: Dessiccation
Entry term(s): Dessication
Tree number(s): E05.196.335
RDF Unique Identifier:
Scope note: Removal of moisture from a substance (chemical, food, tissue, etc.).
Annotation: note category; differentiate from DEHYDRATION, a disease state
Allowable Qualifiers: IS instrumentation
MT methods
Public MeSH Note: 77
History Note: 77
Related: Freeze Drying MeSH
DeCS ID: 3910
Unique ID: D003890
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Date Established: 1977/01/01
Date of Entry: 1976/05/19
Revision Date: 2016/06/17
Desiccation - Preferred
Concept UI M0006073
Scope note Removal of moisture from a substance (chemical, food, tissue, etc.).
Preferred term Desiccation
Entry term(s) Dessication

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