Descriptor English: Syphilinism in Homeopathy
Descriptor Spanish: Sifilinismo en Homeopatía
Descriptor Portuguese: Sifilinismo em Homeopatia
Descriptor French: Luèse en Homéopathie
Tree number(s): HP1.007.262.808.139.207.155
Scope note: A serious lesions miasmatic condition characterized by the destruction of tissues and the psyche. Characteristic lesion are putrefied and bleeding ulcers and this is the most destructive of all miasmatic states. The individual seeks isolation, looks apathetic and indifferent, inflicts distruction upon self and others in a totally disordered manner.
Allowable Qualifiers: CL classification
EP épidémiologie
HI histoire
MT méthodes
SN statistiques et données numériques
ST normes
TD tendances
VE médecine vétérinaire
Related: Miasme en Homéopathie DeCS
Symptômes Syphilitiques DeCS
DeCS ID: 27445
Unique ID: DDCS027445
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Luèse en Homéopathie - Preferred
Concept UI FD00059949
Preferred term Luèse en Homéopathie

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