Descriptor in English: Indoleacetic Acids
Descriptor in Spanish: Ácidos Indolacéticos
Descriptor in Portuguese: Ácidos Indolacéticos
Descriptor in French: Acides indolacétiques
Entry term(s): Acids, Indoleacetic
Acids, Indolylacetic
Indolylacetic Acids
Tree number(s): D03.066.288
Scope note: Acetic acid derivatives of the heterocyclic compound indole. (Merck Index, 11th ed)
Allowable Qualifiers: AD administration & dosage
AE adverse effects
AG agonists
AI antagonists & inhibitors
AN analysis
BL blood
CF cerebrospinal fluid
CH chemistry
CL classification
CS chemical synthesis
EC economics
HI history
IM immunology
IP isolation & purification
ME metabolism
PD pharmacology
PK pharmacokinetics
PO poisoning
RE radiation effects
SD supply & distribution
ST standards
TO toxicity
TU therapeutic use
UR urine
Online Note: use INDOLEACETIC ACIDS to search INDOLEACETIC ACID 1966-74
History Note: 75; was INDOLEACETIC ACID 1963-74
DeCS UI: 7384
Descriptor UI: D007210
Date Established: 1975/01/01
Date of Entry: 1999/01/01
Revision Date: 2016/05/31
Indoleacetic Acids - Preferred
Concept UI M0011237
Scope note Acetic acid derivatives of the heterocyclic compound indole. (Merck Index, 11th ed)
Preferred term Indoleacetic Acids
Entry term(s) Acids, Indoleacetic
Acids, Indolylacetic
Indolylacetic Acids
Auxins - Narrower
Concept UI M0002020
Scope note Organic compounds found in plant sprouts. They promote tissue growth through cell elongation rather than multiplication.
Preferred term Auxins
Entry term(s) Auxin

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