Descriptor English: Flecainide
Descriptor Spanish: Flecainida
Descriptor flecainida
Entry term(s) Flécaïne
acetato de flecainida
isómero R de la flecainida
isómero S de la flecainida
monoacetato de flecainida
Scope note: Potente agente antiarrítmico efectivo en un amplio rango de ARRITMIAS y TAQUICARDIAS auriculares y ventriculares.
Descriptor Portuguese: Flecainida
Descriptor French: Flécaïnide
Entry term(s): Apocard
Flecainid Isis
Flecainide Acetate
Flecainide Monoacetate
Flecainide Monoacetate, (+-)-Isomer
Flecainide Monoacetate, (R)-Isomer
Flecainide Monoacetate, (S)-Isomer
Flecainide, (R)-Isomer
Flecainide, (S)-Isomer
Flecainide, 5-HO-N-(6-oxo)-Derivative
Flecainide, 5-HO-N-(6-oxo)-Derivative, (+-)-Isomer
Tree number(s): D03.383.621.270
RDF Unique Identifier:
Scope note: A potent anti-arrhythmia agent, effective in a wide range of ventricular and atrial ARRHYTHMIAS and TACHYCARDIAS.
Allowable Qualifiers: AA analogs & derivatives
AD administration & dosage
AE adverse effects
AG agonists
AI antagonists & inhibitors
AN analysis
BL blood
CF cerebrospinal fluid
CH chemistry
CL classification
CS chemical synthesis
EC economics
HI history
IM immunology
IP isolation & purification
ME metabolism
PD pharmacology
PK pharmacokinetics
PO poisoning
RE radiation effects
SD supply & distribution
ST standards
TO toxicity
TU therapeutic use
UR urine
Pharm Action: Anti-Arrhythmia Agents
Voltage-Gated Sodium Channel Blockers
Registry Number: K94FTS1806
CAS Type 1 Name: Benzamide, N-(2-piperidinylmethyl)-2,5-bis(2,2,2-trifluoroethoxy)-
Previous Indexing: Piperidines (1966-1986)
Public MeSH Note: 1992; wsee FLECAINIDE ACETATE 1991; see FLECAINIDE 1987-1990
History Note: 1992; use FLECAINIDE ACETATE 1991; use FLECAINIDE 1987-1990
DeCS ID: 30449
Unique ID: D005424
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Date Established: 1987/01/01
Date of Entry: 1986/06/02
Revision Date: 2018/03/01
Flecainide - Preferred
Concept UI M0008556
Scope note A potent anti-arrhythmia agent, effective in a wide range of ventricular and atrial ARRHYTHMIAS and TACHYCARDIAS.
Preferred term Flecainide
Flecainide Acetate - Narrower
Concept UI M0330385
Preferred term Flecainide Acetate
Entry term(s) Flecainide Monoacetate
Flecainide Monoacetate, (R)-Isomer - Narrower
Concept UI M0330269
Preferred term Flecainide Monoacetate, (R)-Isomer
Flecainide Monoacetate, (S)-Isomer - Narrower
Concept UI M0330268
Preferred term Flecainide Monoacetate, (S)-Isomer
Flecainide, (R)-Isomer - Narrower
Concept UI M0330266
Preferred term Flecainide, (R)-Isomer
Flecainide, (S)-Isomer - Narrower
Concept UI M0330267
Preferred term Flecainide, (S)-Isomer
Flecainide, 5-HO-N-(6-oxo)-Derivative - Narrower
Concept UI M0330386
Preferred term Flecainide, 5-HO-N-(6-oxo)-Derivative
Flecainide, 5-HO-N-(6-oxo)-Derivative, (+-)-Isomer - Narrower
Concept UI M0330383
Preferred term Flecainide, 5-HO-N-(6-oxo)-Derivative, (+-)-Isomer
Flecatab - Narrower
Concept UI M0478258
Preferred term Flecatab
R818 - Narrower
Concept UI M0353407
Preferred term R818
Tambocor - Narrower
Concept UI M0008558
Preferred term Tambocor
Flecadura - Narrower
Concept UI M0478256
Preferred term Flecadura
Flecainide Monoacetate, (+-)-Isomer - Narrower
Concept UI M0330326
Preferred term Flecainide Monoacetate, (+-)-Isomer
Flecainid-Isis - Narrower
Concept UI M0478257
Preferred term Flecainid-Isis
Entry term(s) Flecainid Isis
Flécaïne - Narrower
Concept UI M000638460
Preferred term Flécaïne
Apocard - Narrower
Concept UI M000638459
Preferred term Apocard

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