Descriptor English: Domperidone
Descriptor Spanish: Domperidona
Descriptor domperidona
Scope note: Bloqueante específico de los receptores de dopamina. Incrementa el peristaltismo intestinal, provoca liberacion de prolactina, y se utiliza como antiemético y como herramienta de investigación en estudios sobre los mecanismos dopaminérgicos.
Descriptor Portuguese: Domperidona
Descriptor French: Dompéridone
Entry term(s): Apo Domperidone
Domperidon AL
Domperidon Hexal
Domperidon Stada
Domperidon TEVA
Domperidona Gamir
Domperidone Maleate
Domperidone Maleate (1:1)
Domperidone Monohydrochloride
Gamir, Domperidona
Hexal, Domperidon
Maleate, Domperidone
Monohydrochloride, Domperidone
Novo Domperidone
Nu Domperidone
PMS Domperidone
Ratio Domperidone
Stada, Domperidon
Tree number(s): D03.383.621.210
RDF Unique Identifier:
Scope note: A specific blocker of dopamine receptors. It speeds gastrointestinal peristalsis, causes prolactin release, and is used as antiemetic and tool in the study of dopaminergic mechanisms.
Allowable Qualifiers: AA analogs & derivatives
AD administration & dosage
AE adverse effects
AG agonists
AI antagonists & inhibitors
AN analysis
BL blood
CF cerebrospinal fluid
CH chemistry
CL classification
CS chemical synthesis
EC economics
HI history
IM immunology
IP isolation & purification
ME metabolism
PD pharmacology
PK pharmacokinetics
PO poisoning
RE radiation effects
SD supply & distribution
ST standards
TO toxicity
TU therapeutic use
UR urine
Pharm Action: Antiemetics
Dopamine Antagonists
Registry Number: 5587267Z69
CAS Type 1 Name: 2H-Benzimidazol-2-one, 5-chloro-1-(1-(3-(2,3-dihydro-2-oxo-1H-benzimidazol-1-yl)propyl)-4-piperidinyl)-1,3-dihydro-
Previous Indexing: Antiemetics (1977-1981)
Benzimidazoles (1977-1981)
Piperidines (1977-1981)
Public MeSH Note: 82
History Note: 82
DeCS ID: 4354
Unique ID: D004294
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Date Established: 1982/01/01
Date of Entry: 1981/05/13
Revision Date: 2017/05/24
Domperidone - Preferred
Concept UI M0006752
Scope note A specific blocker of dopamine receptors. It speeds gastrointestinal peristalsis, causes prolactin release, and is used as antiemetic and tool in the study of dopaminergic mechanisms.
Preferred term Domperidone
Entry term(s) Domperidon
Domidon - Narrower
Concept UI M0492508
Preferred term Domidon
Domperidon AL - Narrower
Concept UI M0492507
Preferred term Domperidon AL
Domperidon Hexal - Narrower
Concept UI M0492506
Preferred term Domperidon Hexal
Entry term(s) Hexal, Domperidon
Domperidon Stada - Narrower
Concept UI M0492505
Preferred term Domperidon Stada
Entry term(s) Stada, Domperidon
Domperidon-TEVA - Narrower
Concept UI M0492504
Preferred term Domperidon-TEVA
Entry term(s) Domperidon TEVA
Domperidona Gamir - Narrower
Concept UI M0492503
Preferred term Domperidona Gamir
Entry term(s) Gamir, Domperidona
Domperidone Maleate - Narrower
Concept UI M0330403
Preferred term Domperidone Maleate
Entry term(s) Maleate, Domperidone
Domperidone Maleate (1:1) - Narrower
Concept UI M0330402
Preferred term Domperidone Maleate (1:1)
Domperidone Monohydrochloride - Narrower
Concept UI M0330401
Preferred term Domperidone Monohydrochloride
Entry term(s) Monohydrochloride, Domperidone
Gastrocure - Narrower
Concept UI M0492502
Preferred term Gastrocure
Motilium - Narrower
Concept UI M0006753
Preferred term Motilium
Nauzelin - Narrower
Concept UI M0492501
Preferred term Nauzelin
Novo-Domperidone - Narrower
Concept UI M0492500
Preferred term Novo-Domperidone
Entry term(s) Novo Domperidone
Nu-Domperidone - Narrower
Concept UI M0492513
Preferred term Nu-Domperidone
Entry term(s) Nu Domperidone
PMS-Domperidone - Narrower
Concept UI M0492512
Preferred term PMS-Domperidone
Entry term(s) PMS Domperidone
Péridys - Narrower
Concept UI M0492511
Preferred term Péridys
R-33,812 - Narrower
Concept UI M0353403
Preferred term R-33,812
Entry term(s) R-33812
Ratio-Domperidone - Narrower
Concept UI M0492510
Preferred term Ratio-Domperidone
Entry term(s) Ratio Domperidone
Apo-Domperidone - Narrower
Concept UI M0492509
Preferred term Apo-Domperidone
Entry term(s) Apo Domperidone

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